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On-Demand Remote Tech Support Service Contract - $45/computer/month + GST

1. Parties and Jurisdictions. This contract is made between the client ("you", "your"), who agrees that this contract is enacted subject to the laws and practices currently in effect in the city of Surrey, in the province of British Columbia, in the sovereign country of Canada, and TCEG ("we", "our", "us") , a federally incorporated Canadian company with head offices in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. You are agreeing to pay a regular monthly amount for good and valuable services including:

  • Making qualified technical support available to your staff through, 24h/day, 5 days per week, not including weekends and holidays.
  • Making phone support available to your staff during regular business hours from 9-5 Pacific Standard Time on business working days (again, not including weekends and holidays).

2. Beginning and End of Contract. This contract begins when you make a payment, and ends 30 days following the payment.

3. Terms may change. Terms may change at any time. Terms published on our website at the time of payment remain in effect for the entire term of the contract. It is your responsibility to check the most up-to-date terms for the month you renew, within the first 7 days of the contract. If you wish to maintain terms for a longer period, please pre-pay for the longer period of time, and the terms will remain fixed for that amount of time. While you are a subscriber to our service, you will receive an email notification of any changes of terms.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services, we ask only that you provide a few suggestions such that, if we followed them, you would have found our service satisfactory. Following that, if you fax or email us a signed written request for a refund on company letterhead, a full refund will be provided for the most recent contract. By starting a new contract and allowing it to remain in effect for 7 days, you will be acknowledging that the previous 30 day term contract has been completed to your satisfaction and that you will not ask for a refund for that contract.

5. Full Disclosure. You agree to disclose accurately the number of computers that we are supporting, to allow us to verify that the correct amount of money is being assessed and paid. The price is $45/computer/month + GST

6. NO OBLIGATION TO INSTALL OR SUPPORT PIRATED SOFTWARE. You agree that this contract does not include any support for illegal or pirated software.

7. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY REGARDING PIRATED SOFTWARE. You further agree that in the event that pirated or illegal software is found on your computer, that you will hold us harmless and swear in a court of law that we were not involved in supporting or installing it, and that we were not made aware of this software.

8. Automatic Renewal. Unless you make a change, a payment equal to the previous month's payment will be withdrawn from your account, and service will continue under the terms published at that time.

9. Remote Access To Computers. By engaging in a contract with us, and connecting to our service, you are giving us permission to install software and make modifications to your computer, INCLUDING PERMISSION TO INSTALL REMOTE CONTROL SOFTWARE AND TO USE THIS SOFTWARE TO ACCESS YOUR COMPUTER UNATTENDED FOR THE PURPOSES OF FULFILLING YOUR REQUESTS. At the same time, since this is the $45/computer/month plan, it does not obligate us to install or maintain unattended remote control software or service on your computer. This permission does not end at the time the rest of the contract ends. It continues indefinitely until 2 days following your written request to terminate the permission.

10. Ownership of Assets. You assert and maintain that you own the assets being used, or have permission from the owner(s) to freely alter and modify the configuration and software installed on these assets.

11. Confidentiality. Your private information will be kept fully confidential. You agree to close any windows containing confidential information not needed for the purposes of fulfilling technical support tasks. We agree that if we see any personal or company secrets, we will not share these with any other person or entity.

12. Encrypted Connections. We agree to use encrypted connections to connect to your computer.

13. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR LOST OR STOLEN PASSWORDS. YOU AGREE TO HOLD US HARMLESS AGAINST CLAIMS THAT YOUR PASSWORDS OR PASSWORDS UNDER YOUR CONTROL HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED. Passwords are often the least secure aspect of any organization. We will not share your passwords with others. We will provide advice regarding passwords - namely that the passwords should all be different, and that they should ideally contain a mixture of uppercase letters, numbers, lowercase letters, and symbols, and that they should be at least 8 characters long. However, most organizations do not follow this advice. In addition, passwords are often transmitted in plain text over the open Internet. For example, in POP email accounts, FTP sites, and HTTP BASIC AUTHENTICATION.

14. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR LOST DATA. YOU AGREE TO HOLD US HARMLESS AGAINST CLAIMS THAT YOU HAVE LOST DATA. This contract is for technical support over remote connections such as telephone and remote desktop sharing. We can provide advice for backups, but the backup service is a separate service. Data recovery is a separate service and costs extra. A lot extra. (So we highly recommend the backup service.)

15. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR LOST TIME OR PRODUCTIVITY. YOU AGREE TO HOLD US HARMLESS AGAINST CLAIMS THAT YOU HAVE LOST TIME, PRODUCTIVITY, OR MONEY AS A RESULT OF DOWN TIME. This contract is for support after something has gone wrong, not for proactive maintenance. As such we are contracted to help solve a problem, and we do not wish to get involved if there is any chance that we will become listed as part of creating or not preventing the problem.

16. Discounts for Prepayment. TCEG's rates are low, but it can cost even less if you are able to prepay for service. If you prepay your account for 6 months, you can enjoy a 10% discount. If you prepay your account for 12 months, you can enjoy a 20% discount. If you prepay your account for 18 months, you can take enjoy a 30% discount. If you prepay your account for 24 months, you can enjoy a 40% discount.

Use this link to subscribe to our computer tech support service. Just write the amount you need to pay every month, click on the subscribe button, and pay using Paypal. Please review our terms and conditions. By making a payment, you are agreeing to be bound by them.

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